Five FEED-Approved Thanksgiving Recipes

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2017 Product Spotlight – FEED’s FNCE Finds!

Last month, FEED Nutrition Consulting attended the annual Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE) with more than 10,000 other food and nutrition experts. The annual meeting is a chance for registered dietitians to meet with colleagues, nutrition science researchers, policy makers, and health care providers to discuss health issuesRead More ›

Five FEED-Approved Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to enjoy food with friends and family. This year, as you gather around the table, take FEED with you! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes to share with loved ones this time of year. From appetizers to main dish alternatives, FEED’s got you covered when it comesRead More ›

How to bring HEALTHY into your Halloween – Without making you scared!

Halloween is just around the corner. Our candy buckets will soon be overflowing with chocolate, gooey, chewy, sugar-loaded morsels, most of which will stick around our pantry through most of the winter months ahead. These little calorie-packed diet bombs can be the demise to the best laid healthy eating plans for you and your kids.Read More ›

Vitals on Vitamins

Fall is here and the cooler temperatures mean cold and flu season is upon us. While nutrients from food are always best, multivitamins can help fill those nutrition gaps in the daily diet. With so many children’s multivitamins on the market, it can be difficult to sift through the best products. You can confidently chooseRead More ›

Ketogenic Diet – Fad Diet or Weight Loss Miracle?

The ketogenic diet has gained popularity recently and many are interested in following this diet for weight loss. The diet relies heavily on high fat foods, while nixing carbohydrates. Though the end result is enticing, read along to learn the science behind the ketogenic diet and found out if it is right for your lifestyle.Read More ›

Eat Seasonably – CUCUMBERS

Cucumbers are known for their refreshingly cool properties, and for good reason. This crisp vegetable is 95% water, making it the perfect food to help us stay hydrated, especially during warm weather. Filled with vitamins C and K, folate, potassium and magnesium, the cucumber is nutrient-dense and full of fiber, too. Read on for tipsRead More ›

Full, Low, or Free — Which Fat is Right for Me?

Many people assume fat-free must mean the healthiest choice, but new research suggests it may not be that simple. While the word, “fat”, has been deemed the enemy of many diets, this macronutrient is not the adversary we once thought. Fat offers many benefits, including improved vitamin absorption, protection for the body’s organs, along withRead More ›

Three Minute Meals

While many of us wish each night offered an opportunity to enjoy gourmet meals, the reality of everyday life rarely allows for such luxury. Instead of simply dialing your favorite takeout spot, we have gathered a few of our go-to, quick and healthy meals that are both satisfying and simple. Although, some may take a bitRead More ›

Healthy Travel Tips

Traveling and healthy eating often seem like a paradox. However, with a few changes to your on-the-go routine, healthy options won’t be as hard to find as you may think. As avid travelers, we’ve rounded up a few of our top tips for nutritious choices to look for during the busy travel season. In-flight BeforeRead More ›