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FEED your kids wisely

Prevent Future Disease

FEED can help your children with:

Healthy Eating Habits
Eating Right on the Run
Grocery Shopping Advice
Food Allergy/intolerance Management
Celiac Disease/Gluten Intolerance
Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Type 1 Diabetes
High Cholesterol
Liver Disease
Feeding Tube Management
Failure to Gain Weight


Lara is an excellent dietician that did a great job with my wife and two children, who both had food allergies after each was born. She was able to help my wife change her diet so she could continue to nurse the children and she was also able to help us put the children onto a diet that would allow them to get the nutrients and vitamins they needed without being negatively effected by the food allergies. In addition to being very knowledgable, Lara is very personable and easy to talk with. She responds quickly to calls and emails which is rare these days. I would recommend Lara to anyone. She has the knowledge, experience and personality to work with any number of people and issues. She is a class act professional and a pleasure to work with. - TW
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