Breath of Fresh Air

Lara is a breath of fresh air when it comes to nutrition. She is up on the latest, gives useful, practical advice and engages beautifully with patients of all ages. I highly recommend Lara for her expertise, professionalism and ability to interact effectively.

- Carol M. Shilson, Executive Director The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center www.CureCeliacDisease.org

Class Act Professional

Lara is an excellent dietitian that did a great job with my wife and two children, who both had food allergies after each was born. She was able to help my wife change her diet so she could continue to nurse the children and she was also able to help us put the children onto a diet that would allow them to get the nutrients and vitamins they needed without being negatively effected by the food allergies. In addition to being very knowledgeable, Lara is very personable and easy to talk with. She responds quickly to calls and emails which is rare these days. I would recommend Lara to anyone. She has the knowledge, experience and personality to work with any number of people and issues. She is a class act professional and a pleasure to work with.   – TW

An Essential Resource

We worked with Lara when we discovered that my four month old breastfed baby had severe food intolerances and was having adverse reaction to my milk. Afraid that I was going to have to discontinue my breastfeeding efforts, we turned to Lara who sorted through all of the challenges to help us discover the root of my daughter’s problems. Lara also provided nutritional support to me as a nursing mother, ensuing that I consumed balance nutrients in a SATISFYING way despite my elimination diet. As we introduced solids to our daughter at nine months, Lara was an essential resource to ensure that we were taking steps to support a life-long health lifestyle as well as ensure that her diet continued to exclude her intolerant food but included any foods her body may grow to accept. There is no way we could have worked through this without Lara’s guidance.   -JL

Very Impressed

I was very impressed with Lara. Her knowledge is exceptional. She is very efficient and thorough. Lara is very sincere and passionate about her work. I highly recommend Lara as a dietitian. I will definitely use her again in the future.   -BE

Very Professional, Knowledgeable & Caring

My wife and I met Ms. Lara Field at University of Chicago in 2011 as we were learning to manage our son’s dietary needs. Lara has been instrumental in helping my wife and I work through the nutritional needs of our son in a very professional, knowledgeable and caring way. We are both grateful to have met Lara and have her as a SME and partner. The health and well-being of our son is beyond description and Lara’s support and help have made our jobs much easier.   -SM

Grateful We Met

I’m really grateful we met, I think you are a perfect fit for what I’m looking for. You’re clearly so knowledgeable in what you do & the fact that you are so well versed in diabetes nutrition is unbelievable! Already putting your info into action & looking forward to seeing you again!   -F.Z.

Helped Immensely

Thank you SO much!! I really appreciate all your amazing advice!! You are the BEST!!! I really am impressed with your breadth of knowledge and your wonderful way of understanding your clients (me and my family :)) You have helped us immensely!   -D.C.

An Amazing Registered Dietitian

Lara Field with FEED Kids (www.feedkids.com) is an amazing pediatric nutritionist and Registered Dietitian.  I found her through CHEERS when I was pregnant.  She has two kids (one that's a toddler) and nursed both and is very pro-breastfeeding.  She also provided me advice for me that was very helpful (b/c she looks amazing herself, which is really helpful when you're taking advice for nutrition!). I couldn't say enough nice things about her. -SKP